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Social Worker

About Your Social Worker

social worker

Mrs. Bonnie Maloney began her Park Hill Career January 2016 as a social worker at Graden and Hawthorn Elementary. She moved to Line Creek in 2019. Mrs. Maloney has an undergraduate degree from Rockhurst University and a Masters in Social Work from University Missouri-Kansas City. Mrs. Maloney has worked in other realms of social work including child abuse and neglect, prison re-entry, community engagement, teen empowerment, educational social work and medical social work.


There are a number of resources that exist to help Park Hill School District families. If your family could benefit from additional resources, please fill out the Confidential Resource Checklist.

All information received and any service provided is kept strictly confidential. By submitting this form, you give Bonnie permission to contact you and to provide referrals to community resources. 


Bonnie Maloney


As a School Social Worker, I aim to collaborate with students and families to provide interventions and access to support services in a respectful and dignified manner to empower students in order to achieve success in life.